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Connect with peers, engage on relevant topics, gain insights to help you grow your business and your career. The Chemical Community is created by and for chemical industry professionals.

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

Hi, I’m Victoria. Host of The Chemical Show podcast, founder of Progressio Global, and chief community organizer for The Chemical Community. I believe people are the heart of the chemical business and we can all learn and benefit from each other.

Within The Chemical Community, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with peers across the industry, exchange ideas, debate topics, and leverage this for your own success. I’ve seen this with The Chemical Show podcast — each episode sparking discussion and dialogue – which will continue witin The Chemical Community™.

What can you expect?

  • Dialogue on each episode of The Chemical Show™ podcast
  • Engagement on key trends affecting the chemical industry today
  • Regular “live” events, including:
    1. Expert Q&As,
    2. Community roundtables,
    3. “Live” podcast recordings and webinars
    4. And much more

This is a SAFE and TRUSTED environment!

The Chemical Community is founded on trust. Members are expected to engage and share appropriately. What does that mean? Engage, ask questions, share ideas, have a healthy debate, learn from each other, and grow the strength of the community.

But be “smart” about it. Absolutely NO anti-trust and anti-competitive behaviors or sharing of information. No selling or solicitations. Be a good steward of your business and the industry.

As a member of The Chemical Community, you’ll get these benefits:

Insights on key trends and events

Gain insights on key trends and events affecting the chemical industry from peers and experts

Exclusive access to The Chemical Show transcripts

Access the full library of transcripts and show notes from each episode of The Chemical Show podcast (ONLY available in the Community, one month after the episode date)

Community Roundtables

Learn from your peers and community members in monthly roundtables, exclusive to The Chemical Community

Exclusive webinars

Learn from industry experts during exclusive webinars, available only to members of The Chemical Community

Access to Chemical Executives

Exclusive access to leading chemical industry executives via live podcast events, webinars, and Q&As

Learn from your peers

Engage with other chemical industry professionals to understand how they’re approaching business challenges, how their company and the industry is evolving and more.

Become a Member of The Chemical Community

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The Chemical Community is still in early days, so you have a chance to be a real influencer.

Influence its direction.  Create momentum. Gain value and insights and learnings for yourself and your business. Join The Chemical Community.