Our inaugural conference, The Chemical Summit is happening October 24-25 in The Woodlands, Texas.  Our exciting agenda features many guests from The Chemical Show podcast.


Victoria Meyer shares more about Thought Leadership and what to expect at The Chemical Summit, including: 

  • Three pillars of The Chemical Summit: Thought leadership, Building Connections, and Insights that you can apply to your business.
  • What is thought leadership? How does it apply to me?
  • Keeping it REAL at The Chemical Summit: Relevant, Engaging, Action-Oriented and Learnings that you can Leverage
  • What engagement looks like at The Chemical Summit

Learn more and register for The Chemical Summit at www.thechemicalsummit.com


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REAL Thought Leadership at The Chemical Summit

Hi. This is Victoria Meyer. Welcome back to The Chemical Show. This is a special episode specifically designed to share with you what you can expect when you attend The Chemical Summit on the 24th and 25th in the Woodlands, Texas. The Chemical Summit builds on The Chemical Show and the insights that we’ve gained since launching in 2021. Insights like the value of personal stories and connections. The value of lessons and learnings from other leaders in the industry. Gaining relevant and real approaches. Those learnings help to define the 3 pillars of the chemical summit, thought leadership, building connections, and insights that you can apply to your business.

Today, I am going to talk a little bit about thought leadership, what it is, what it’s not, and what you can expect at The Chemical Summit. First of all, let me start by saying at The Chemical Summit, we are keeping it real. Relevant, engaging, action-oriented and giving you learnings that you can leverage. Now here’s the reality. I love thought leadership. It’s like a great vision. It’s inspirational. It’s aspirational.

The challenge with thought leadership is, it’s often just thoughts that are high level, theoretical, aspirational, well researched and well articulated. They’re able to be executed primarily by the biggest and best funded companies. Able to be attempted by first movers. Often again, the biggest and best funded companies are sometimes new and novel organizations that are just charging a new course. The reality is thought leadership funds lots of high price consultants, MBAs, and PhDs. I’m an MBA, I get this thought leadership piece, but the reality is thought leadership often leaves many leaders, like you and I, across the industry wondering how it applies to them.

How do they take that idea and apply it to their business? Have you ever said, well, that’s great but now what? How does this apply to me in my business? What I have to say is you are not alone. In fact, at The Chemical Summit, we are bringing leaders together. Leaders that have aspirations and goals they wanna move, you are not alone. We each have aspirations and goals and wanna move our business to the next level, but we need leaders that are demonstrating how it’s done. The good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s where The Chemical Summit comes in.

I have curated a great set of business leaders that will be speaking on the stage about their business and their approaches to digitization, ESG, customer value, and supply chain. Yet they’re keeping it real. Not perfect, not theoretical. Real business leaders, real impacts, and amongst the attendees, you, there are real people. In the attendees there are real business leaders working on similar challenges in their own businesses, doing it their own way, and wanting to do it better. Just like you. At The Chemical Summit, we are really encouraging engagement, dialogue, and thought leadership not just on stage, but in the room with the other leaders that are there at the summit with you, carefully curated, carefully moderated. So giving you some very specific engagement opportunities so that you gain thought leadership and real and actionable insights that you can take back to your business.

Join us on October 24th and 25th in the Woodlands, Texas. We’d love to see you at The Chemical Summit. Just visit thechemicalsummit.com to learn more.