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Get up-close and personal with leaders from across the chemical industry and learn how they are tackling today’s biggest challenges: growth, sustainability, innovation, business transformation, digitalization, global supply chains, strategic marketing, and much more.

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Hosted by industry executive Victoria Meyer, The Chemical Show brings you the latest insights in thoughtful and engaging conversations.

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Victoria Meyer, Victoria King Meyer, Host of The Chemical Show podcast, interviewing chemical industry leaders
Business people across the industry are seeking to gain

Real Insights from Real Leaders.

All too often, business media is carefully crafted, surface level and depersonalized.

And, the business of chemicals, plastics, and materials is no exception.

Victoria Meyer, founder and host of The Chemical Show, understands that even in a B2B world:

  • We’re each facing similar business and leadership challenges.
  • Understanding what works and what doesn’t work… from other leaders… creates true learning.
  • Personal stories and engagement is the most meaningful and impactful.

With The Chemical Show, Victoria applies her decades of industry experience to crafting conversations with business leaders to share stories, harness insights, and simplify the complex business of chemicals.


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