Data-Based Insights into the Customer Experience

Join Victoria Meyer for an interview with Kevin Huntsman as they discuss Data-Based Insights into the Customer Experience.

Using data and insights from Mastio’s PE Customer Value Study, we’ll discuss what really matters to customers and how leading chemical companies are leveraging that insight to create customer value and stickiness.

– How has customer value evolved in the past decade?
– How does a company’s marketing archetype reflect in its customer experience?
– How did the pandemic change customer’s needs and value-drivers?

About Kevin Huntsman:
Kevin Huntsman is the President of Mastio & Company and has a proven track record of managing large and complex projects for clients over the last 26 years. Kevin specializes in survey design and data collection in the chemical and energy industries as well as transportation and logistics and has successfully managed over 600 projects for 200 companies across the globe during his tenure.

Kevin also brings a host of practical real-world experiences and consulting expertise to each project he oversees based on his years of experience in the research industry.

About Victoria Meyer
Victoria Meyer is founder and president of Progressio Global and host of The Chemical Show™, a Top 5%, globally recognized podcast.

A B2B strategy, marketing, and leadership expert, Victoria guides individuals and companies to achieve breakthrough results.

For over 25 years as a corporate executive, Victoria helped companies, including Shell and Clariant, deliver transformative growth, while coaching individuals to do the same.

Today, Victoria advises executives on how to successfully implement business strategies, engage customers, and transform themselves and their company. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve success.


About the PE Customer Value Study:

MASTIO publishes the HDPE Customer Value & Loyalty Study every two years.  MASTIO has been publishing the HDPE Study since 1991.

This study identifies and quantifies the perceptions and needs of buyers of HDPE in North America. The study findings are based on interviews with buyers of HDPE providing thousands of total observations.