Importance of Long-Lasting Business Relationships with Frank Fisher




  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction to The Chemical Show
  3. Relationships: The Backbone of Business Success
  4. Navigating Global Supply Chain Challenges
  5. The Debate on Reshoring Operations
  6. The Risks and Realities of Low-Cost Regions
  7. Leading with Empathy and Enjoyment
  8. Franklin Fisher’s Career Journey
  9. Impactful Leadership and Team Dynamics
  10. Future of Sustainability and Policy Challenges
  11. Customer Relationships and Competitive Advantage
  12. Conclusion

This Episode

In this fascinating episode of The Chemical Show®,  Victoria Meyer hosts Franklin Fisher, the founder and CEO of South Carolina Chemical and COO of Duralayer LLC. With over 35 years of experience spanning from chemistry to business leadership, Franklin shares invaluable insights into the world of supply chains, business relationships, and leadership philosophies.

Relationships: The Backbone of Business Success

Frank Fisher delved into the critical importance of relationships in the business landscape. Particularly in industries where the primary cost is driven by the active ingredient and not the other components, relationships serve as the glue holding various elements together. Fisher emphasizes that strong relationships can lead to better deals, smoother operations, and a more robust business network.

Navigating Global Supply Chain Challenges

Victoria brought up the pressing issue of global supply chain challenges. With geopolitical tensions and a renewed focus on regional businesses, the landscape is ever-changing. Franklin offered his take on how businesses can adapt by being proactive, flexible, and maintaining strong relationships in both local and global arenas.

The Debate on Reshoring Operations

During the discussion, the topic shifted to reshoring operations. Franklin acknowledged the desire to bring operations back home but pointed out the financial challenges driving businesses back to low-cost countries. This gravitational pull towards cost-effective solutions is a significant hurdle, despite the advantages of reshoring.

The Risks and Realities of Low-Cost Regions

Franklin highlighted the risks associated with solely chasing low-cost regions. While it offers a competitive edge in the short term, the long-term implications can be damaging. He stressed understanding the broader impact of policy-driven decisions on the workforce and economics.

Leading with Empathy and Enjoyment

Franklin shared his newfound joy in leading his own business compared to his previous roles in large enterprises. The flexibility, reduced stress, and freedom of choice have made a significant difference. He also emphasized the importance of empathy in leadership, advising future leaders to see things from others’ perspectives to build stronger, more cohesive teams.

Frank Fisher’s Career Journey

Frankl Fisher’s career trajectory is nothing short of inspiring. Starting as a chemist and moving into business and procurement roles, his journey was notably influenced by a high school guidance counselor. From Dow Chemical to founding South Carolina Chemical, his path is marked by strategic shifts and a focus on relationships.

Impactful Leadership and Team Dynamics

Franklin’s leadership philosophy centers on empathy and building diverse teams, not just in ethnicity and gender but in thought and skills. He believes that understanding one’s role in the broader supply chain—and asking the right questions—can lead to more effective and impactful leadership.

Future of Sustainability and Policy Challenges

Franklin sees significant opportunities in sustainability and renewable resources, although these often come with a longer time horizon. He also touched upon the challenges of sudden policy changes, like tariffs and government subsidies, which can disrupt business operations.

Customer Relationships and Competitive Advantage

Towards the end of the episode, Franklin highlighted the importance of understanding what drives customer purchases beyond the basics of relationships. Companies need to continually assess their competitive advantages in raw material sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics to stay ahead in the global marketplace.


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This episode of The Chemical Show with Franklin Fisher offered deep insights into the intricate world of supply chains, leadership, and sustainable practices. We hope this conversation sparks new ideas and strategies for your business endeavors. Remember, building strong relationships and maintaining empathy can lead to both professional success and personal satisfaction.

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