Our inaugural conference, The Chemical Summit occurred October 24th – 25th, 2023 in The Woodlands, Texas. In this special edition of The Chemical Show, host Victoria Meyer shares highlights from the first day of the Summit which focused on thought leadership, building connections, and gaining insights in the chemical industry. 

Exploring the themes of transformation, sustainability, and ESG, speakers emphasized the need for personal and business transformation, the challenges of achieving sustainability goals, and the importance of continuous improvement in creating value. Join Victoria as she shares insights from industry leaders and encourages listeners to transform their businesses and embrace sustainability.

Victoria Meyer shares more about the insights shared by industry leaders at The Chemical Summit, including: 

  • Insights on the biggest challenges chemical companies face today
  • If you want your business to transform, YOU as a leader need to transform. (Megan Gluth-Bohan, CEO of TRInternational on transformational leadership)
  • True change takes decades. The chemical industry will success in sustainability by evolution not revolution. (Brad Beauchamp, CEO of Carpenter Co., Evolution not Revolution: The Path to Sustainability) 
  • The chemical industry is currently producing thousands of circular products, they’re just not marketing them as circular. (Kelly Gilroy of Univar Solutions in The Path to Sustainability is Not (Only) Circular panel discussion)
  • ESG investing only works when companies are creating profits and value (Jonas Oxgaard of McKinsey in The Path to Sustainability is Not (Only) Circular panel discussion)
  • ESG is all about culture and value – your company culture and values (Terry Hill of Barentz in a Fireside Chat about ESG).

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Highlights from Day 1 of The Chemical Summit 2023

In the latest episode of The Chemical Show, host Victoria Meyer shares highlights from day one of The Chemical Summit 2023. The Summit focused on thought leadership, building connections, and gaining insights within the chemical industry. Victoria discusses key themes such as transformation, sustainability, and the challenges facing businesses today. Speakers like Megan Gluth-Bohan of TRInternational and Brad Beauchamp of Carpenter Company provide valuable insights and perspectives. Let’s dive into some of the major takeaways from this enlightening episode.
Megan Gluth-Bohan of TRInternational talking about transformational leadership at The Chemical Summit.
1. Transformation is Key: One of the central themes of the conference was the need for personal and business transformation. The chemical industry is undergoing significant changes, driven by factors such as sustainability and circularity challenges. Megan Gluth-Bohan highlighted the importance of leaders transforming themselves before their companies can successfully transform. As the industry faces evolving demands, the only thing we can change is how we respond to these challenges. Personal transformation is vital for achieving future success.
2. The Pressure to Achieve Sustainability: Both audience polls and discussions during the conference revealed that there is low confidence within the chemical industry regarding achieving sustainability goals. The industry faces immense pressure to decarbonize and achieve greater sustainability. Brad Beauchamp emphasized the need for a stepwise evolution rather than expecting revolutionary changes. He reminded the audience that monumental, fundamental changes take time, and continuous improvement through evolution is often more practical and effective.
Audience poll at The Chemical Summit on the likelihood of the chemical industry achieving its sustainability targets within the stated timeframe

Attendees expressed concerns in the ability of the chemical industry to achieve its sustainability targets within the designated timeframes.

3. Evolution, Not Revolution: Building upon Brad Beauchamp’s insights, the conference stressed the importance of setting targets and evolving towards sustainable practices. The chemical industry should strive to be future-ready, using innovation and continuous improvement to achieve circular, sustainable, and better ways of operating businesses. This approach allows for step-by-step progress and ensures a smoother transition towards sustainability. Rather than seeking instant transformations, the industry must embrace evolution and adaptation.
4. Adapting and Creating Value: The episode also highlighted the industry’s responsibility to adapt and respond to challenges while creating value. It is essential for industry participants to tell their own stories and showcase the progress they are making. This includes addressing the multitude of pressures facing the chemical industry and demonstrating how businesses are actively responding. By continuously finding better ways to operate sustainably and creating value, companies can contribute to the industry’s overall growth and success.
Victoria Meyer and Terry Hill discussing the critical role that company culture plays in ESG as seen at The Chemical Summit.

Victoria Meyer and Terry Hill disussing the role that culture plays in ESG.

Key Takeaways:
Day one of The Chemical Summit 2023 delved into the crucial themes of transformation, sustainability, and adaptation within the chemical industry. Leaders must undergo personal transformation to drive business transformation. Achieving sustainability goals requires a stepwise evolution that prioritizes continuous improvement over revolutionary changes. By embracing adaptation, the industry can create value and actively respond to the challenges it faces. The Chemical Show continues to deliver invaluable insights and perspectives from leaders across the chemical industry, making it a must-listen for professionals seeking to stay informed and connected.
Founder, Victoria King Meyer, speaking to the audience at The Chemical Summit.
The Chemical Summit’s first day was packed with thought-provoking discussions on transformation, sustainability, and adaptation. Leaders recognized the need for personal and business transformation, while also acknowledging the challenges posed by decarbonization and sustainability goals. The conference emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and effective storytelling to showcase the industry’s commitment to a more sustainable future. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we will delve into the highlights from day two of The Chemical Summit. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Chemical Show and catch up on past episodes for more industry insights!