Our inaugural conference, The Chemical Summit is happening October 24-25 in The Woodlands, Texas. Our exciting agenda features many guests from The Chemical Show podcast.


Victoria Meyer shares more about Benchmarking and what to expect at The Chemical Summit, including: 

  • The Chemical Summit will provide insights and informal benchmarking for leaders in the chemical industry
  • The importance of benchmarking as a measuring stick in the chemical industry
  •  Addressing gaps in benchmarking, particularly in relation to ESG, sustainability, digitization, and AI
  • The Chemical Summit will take a different approach to benchmarking and will be informal yet relevant

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Listen to Victoria Talk about What You Should Expect at The Chemical Summit Here:

Watch Victoria Tell You about The Chemical Summit Expectations Here:

Building Insights through Informal Benchmarking at The Chemical Summit

Hi. This is Victoria Meyer. Welcome back to The Chemical Show. This is a short episode in our series of what to expect when you attend The Chemical Summit, which is being held on October 24th 25th in the Woodlands, Texas. There are a few things I hear from leaders regularly, especially as it relates to a focus on ESG or digitization or customer centricity, and that is we are so far behind.

Occasionally I hear, “We’re ahead of the pack, but we’re not really sure,” or really just the flat out “I’m not sure where we stand. I don’t feel like we’re doing enough. I don’t feel like we’re keeping up.” Then finally, “I need a case for action for my executive team or my board.” What I’ve gotta say is that you are not alone, and I tell leaders this every day when they say, we’re not sure where we are. Yeah. Nobody does. In fact, at The Chemical Summit, one of the things that we’re doing is helping you understand where you are. As you progress towards your goals of ESG and net zero, digitization, data analytics, AI and the things that you’re gonna apply to your business or supply chain.

At The Chemical Summit, we are going to help you understand where you are in relation to ESG, digitization, supply chain and customer centricity. We’re going to be doing some in the room benchmarking to gauge progress in these key areas, both anecdotally and numerically. Most importantly, what I think is critical is confidentially in a trust-based way. So first of all, while we are really focused on bringing connection and insight and benchmarking and idea sharing to The Chemical Summit. We also recognize we are learning together in an appropriate manner. If you have any questions, check out our antitrust policy on our website, thechemicalsummit.com. Much like any other engagement across the industry, we wanna do this in a trust-based and appropriate manner. So that’s my disclaimer on that, and I just wanna make sure that it’s really clear.

Back to the benchmarking. Benchmarking is powerful. It is a measuring stick that you can use in your business. Are you behind? Are you ahead? Are you on track? Benchmarking drives action and investment in a very systemic way. It supports an allocation of resources. Benchmarking helps you discover gaps, identify areas of improvement, and track progress in all areas of your business. Benchmarking helps create a case for action supporting your strategy and your business case. Now many companies regularly engage in benchmarking. A lot of it’s around manufacturing performance. So tracking, which quartile are you in? 1st quartile, 2nd quartile? Some of the benchmarking that goes on is really detailed in terms of economics and other things.

There are a number of great companies and industry groups that really help with this. Yet, there are some gaps, because it doesn’t touch every aspect of the chemical industry. The gap is sometimes that it just doesn’t touch your business. Or, again, when we think about things like ESG and Sustainability or Digitization and AI, just how to understand where you are relative to the pack is important. At The Chemical Summit, we’re going to be doing benchmarking on a lighter scale as part of our keeping it real approach. When we’re talking about a specific topic, like digitization, ESG, or AI. If we think about AI, we’re gonna ask the question, how does your company leverage AI? Then put it on a broad range.

Some people may say, we know how to spell AI or perhaps we have a clear strategy or we’re executing across our business. I don’t know. You don’t know. And we don’t know until we ask and ask in a confidential, trust-based, and engaging manner in the room. Focusing again on our 3 pillars, thought leadership, connection, and actionable insights with our in the room benchmarking we’ll be giving you insights you can take action on. To be able to spark a dialogue at The Summit, and back at your office.

I hope you join us. I hope you’re able to participate and see the power that together we create at the Chemical Summit. Join us October 24th and 25th in the Woodlands, Texas. Visit thechemicalsummit.com to learn more.