Our inaugural conference, The Chemical Summit is happening October 24-25 in The Woodlands, Texas. Our exciting agenda features many guests from The Chemical Show podcast.

Victoria Meyer shares more about connection and what to expect at The Chemical Summit, including: 

  • The importance of connection and community
  • How business connections provide context and insights
  • Fostering connection and community at The Chemical Summit
  • Relaunching The Chemical Community as an online platform


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Listen to Victoria Update You on The Chemical Summit Here:


Building Connection and Community at The Chemical Summit

Hi, this is Victoria Meyer. Welcome back to The Chemical Show. I am back today with another short episode about The Chemical Summit, which is being held on October 24th and 25th in The Woodlands, Texas. Today, I am speaking about the importance of connection and community and how you’ll gain both at The Chemical Summit. Recently, I was meeting with a coach who focuses not just on business goals and development, but really hones in on your superpower. The thing that makes you and me each different or is our difference maker and really creates unique value.

For me, it is connection. From connecting the dots, to make a strategy more impactful, to connecting customers and customer value so that as you proceed in business you’re doing something worthwhile for your customers, to connecting to people and impactful stories, which is what I do every week on The Chemical Show.

Connection is important. With The Chemical Summit, we’re also focused on connection and community. So first of all, why is connection important? Psychologists tell us that the benefits of human connection are improved mental health, a improved quality of life, and that you could live longer. So that’s awesome. From a business perspective, we know that business connections provide context and insights. They help you grow as a business leader and they also help you develop new business or maintain existing business, and bring relevance and continuity.

I certainly know that my business connections bring me insights. They help foster me and develop me. I developed them as we are growing as leaders, as we face business challenges and more. What I also know is that connections bring a sense of belonging. When we belong, we can be real, authentic, and maximize the benefits of the experience.

So here’s the thing, going to a conference can be awkward, especially if you’re going solo or with just one or two colleagues and heck I have faced this myself. You face this, you walk into a room, you’re heading to a conference and sometimes you’re wondering, who are you going to meet? Who will you talk to? Maybe everyone will already be paired up with their ideal business partners or people they’ve known for a long time.

You wonder whether you’re going to walk away feeling accomplished and really happy that you were there, or whether you walk away feeling a little awkward and that you left something behind. At The Chemical Summit, we want you to feel that sense of connection and to walk away feeling accomplished and with some long term value. That’s why we are deliberately fostering connection and community.

How are we going to do that?

Number one, we’re deliberately facilitating dialogue and connection with other attendees at The Chemical Summit. From introductions when you arrive, to ensuring engagement at your table with other attendees or at networking breaks, it is important for me and The Chemical Summit team to ensure that you feel like you belong and that you have built connections, not just in the moment, but for the longterm.

The second thing we are doing to foster connection and community at the Summit is we are forming Executive Roundtable groups that match you up with a group of like-minded individuals to grow both personally and professionally over the next 12 months. Staying together all the way through next year’s Chemical Summit and having that Executive Roundtable, giving you a sense of connection and belonging. We’re also going to be talking about that more at the Summit. You don’t want to miss it.

The third piece is we are relaunching The Chemical Community. Someone recently told me, “I love the community that you’re building with The Chemical Show podcast and The Chemical Summit.” To that, I’ve got to say, thanks Scott. Me too. The Chemical Community is not just a name. We often say we’re part of a community. Well, The Chemical Community is actually an online community specifically to let you learn, engage, and connect with each other. We will have special Community access for Chemical Summit attendees for those that have heard of The Chemical Community before we put it on pause to reframe and it’s launching again at The Chemical Summit.

So, thank you. I’m excited about this and I’m excited about the opportunity for you to connect, engage, and belong. That’s why you need to be at The Chemical Summit. So join us at The Chemical Summit, October 24th and 25th in The Woodlands, Texas. Visit thechemicalsummit.com to find more. And I’ll see you there.