About The Chemical Show

The Chemical Show is the leading podcast in the chemical industry. It features interviews with chemical industry executives covering key trends and topics including leadership, supply chain, sustainability, customer experience, and digitization. Since launching in April 2021, it has quickly become the go-to podcast for the chemical industry, where listeners gain insights and leaders share their latest news.
The Chemical Show is ranked in the Top 5% of ALL podcasts globally by ListenNotes. 

New episodes are published each Tuesday and are available on all major podcast platforms and YouTube.

“I appreciate the topics and the positive visibility for the industry. As the chemicals industry continues to recruit the next generation of STEM graduates, the ability to drive ESG/circularity provides opportunities that most other industries can’t.”
“Another wonderful episode Victoria. Thanks for sharing Chris’ story. Keep the great content coming. TCS is an excellent industry podcast.”

About Victoria Meyer

Victoria Meyer is a B2B Strategy and Marketing Expert and founder of Progressio Global. She advises chemical executives on creating value through market-focused strategies and execution. Victoria has over 25 years leadership experience at global companies including Shell and Clariant. She harnesses that experience to maximize insights with her guests on The Chemical Show.

“I love how the host is sharp, concise, and keeps the guests delivering excellent information minute-to-minute.” Genius Lab Gear, 13 Best Chemistry Podcasts of 2022″